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BeRuby is an amazing online portal which pays you for your day to day activity on the web. It gives you a great chance to earn money in euro for clicking, shopping, registering or simply for inviting your friends. The amount of money that you can earn from BeRuby depends mainly on how much you use the BeRuby portal and it also depends on the number of people you have in your BeRuby network. The larger your BeRuby network the more money you can earn. The minimum threshold for BeRuby is only 10.00 Euros which is paid directly in your PayPal account. When you are logged in, and on the home page you will see a tab right next to the home tab that says "Anunciates", click on that. It will open up more tabs, then click on "Gana pro Visita". Your account balanse you can see in Mi Saldo (saldo). Your url link you find in Mi Red (Herramientas) Most of all BeRuby is a well known international portal in Brazil, France, Deutschland, Italia, Spain, Nederland, Portugal, United Kingdom and United States. To become a member at BeRuby you just need an email address and a password. Your account will be immediately activated. What are you waiting for?


Wordlinx: is a UK based site that has been online since 2003. Trusted classic and stable PTC site. Upto 1c per click, Upto 1c referral per click. Mini. cashout: $10 by Paypal within 48 hours.


MatrixMails is an international pay-to site. They have been online and paying out tot heir members since 2002. As I stated earlier, there are many ways to earn money with MatrixMails. The website states that members can earn between $0 and $3000 every month. The minimum payout is $2 for personal click-throughs and $25 for all other revenue generated. They pay out through both Alertpay and Paypal. As a free member, you can earn money by reading emails which pay between .01 and .12 cents each. Signing up for offers which pay between .20 (cents) and $100 each. Then there is the pay-to-click (and view) option where you can make between .05 and .06 for each page view. They will pay you to submit articles (though it will take between 1 and 4 weeks for your article to be approved) and pay you between $3 and $30 depending on the length and quality. They have a paid-to-play games section on the website, but it is not yet functioning. Becoming a paid member does give you additional benefits. At both the silver and gold membership levels you will receive an entry into the MatixMails matrix. The actual cost to join the matrix is $16 and an additional $5 which is paid in upline bonuses. For your premium memberships, you will also receive higher payouts on the various site activities, some PTC bonus credits (to advertise your own programs) and a turn-key website which is fully hosted. The sign up process is fairly easy; just enter an email address and confirm it. You will be take to an information page where they only ask for the basics. The back office is easy to navigate and all information is pretty straightforward. The stats page keeps you up to date on your earnings, and you can get tips and information on all of the activities. The only requirement to join is that you be 18 years old.


You-cubez - GBP's into paypal - Every 50 unique visitors to your referral link equals £ 1.00 - Every 30 logins equals £ 1.00 - Every 15 invites sent to your friends and colleagues equals £ 1.00
- Every 100 cubez clicked equals £ 1.00 - Every 1 member you refer that signs up equals £1.00 - Every PTC cube clicked £ 0.015 ($0.03 USD) - Buy a cube for £ 1.00
- Add your pounds to your cube to make it worth more. - Sell your cube! You click... 30 Second Ad = £0.005 GBP (Approx. $0.01 USD)  60 Second Ad = £0.01 GBP (Approx. $0.02 USD)    90 Second Ad = £0.015 GBP (Approx. $0.03 USD)  Level 1 Referrals click... 30 Second Ad = £0.002 GBP (Approx. $0.004 USD)  60 Second Ad = £0.004 GBP (Approx. $0.008 USD)  90 Second Ad = £0.006 GBP (Approx. $0.012 USD)


"Hits4pay is an Internet advertising company sharing it's advertising revenue with it's members. We have advertisers all over the world who are willing to pay you for reading their promotional emails and visiting their websites.” By signing up to, you will receive commercial emails regarding all your interests and you will get paid for reading them! Becoming a member is completely free of charge, you won’t have to pay for anything nor while being a member nor after. How does Hits4Pay work? Hits for pay, as mentioned before, sends you emails regarding any particular subject you choose. When you receive those mails, all you have to do is open them, and if you choose to, you can send them to your friends. While you are doing this, tracks your moves and starts to accumulate money in your account. Then at the end of each month, Hits4Pay sends you your check with the money you earned. The more you tell people about the emails you received the more money in it for you. It is a fantastic service that everybody could take advantage of. It is not at all time consuming and you are being paid to read about all your favorite things.


You'll find 12 España PTC ads daily for a price per ad up to $0.01 when you're standard user. The minimum to cashout from España PTC is $5 and the TOS said that the payment deadline is . The payout methods of España PTC is PayPal. On España PTC you win of your referral clics.


What LogiPTC can offer to you: Fast Earnings, Little Work, Low $5 Payout. Logi Toolbar informs you of new opportunities for earnings at LogiPTC. Boost your Earnings by Referring your Friends!


KlickBuck - You can earn a little or earn a lot... it's all up to YOU! - Earn 4 Cents a click. - Up to 25 clicks a day. All by yourself, you can easily earn up to a BUCK a DAY.  30 Bucks a month! YOU can now earn up to a Dollar a Day just by viewing up to 25 ads on  KlickBoard! Click the Ad's in the boxes below and receive 4 cents for every Website you view for a minimum of 20 seconds.  You can view UP TO 25 websites every 24 hours as new. Link Ads become available and are approved to show on the KlickBoard.




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