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BUXJUNCTION is a new innovative, international advertising company and is FREE to join. You view websites in a few seconds via the "Surf Ads" page. Upgraded members get paid Daily Sharing Commission on their account, they can request to cash out as soon as they get $2. You get paid to view ads for 20 seconds. By joining BUXJUNCTION You will get your first $5.00 credited to your account...Instantly! As a free member You will be earning $0.01 for your daily clicks plus $0.003 for each of your referral clicks. How easy is that! In order to earn even more, simply just refer your friends and relatives because what they click will be added to your earnings. You will be even earning up to $0.20 for each new member that You refer to BUXJUNCTION. On top of that website offer a 5% Referral Upgrade commission on each upgrade made by your referrals. By becoming an Upgraded member website pay you to click just a few links; up to 140% back on your spend. Upgraded members will experience a new, HIGHLY implemented system which differs from other PTC. Upgraded members will benefit from an outstanding System to earn back their money plus 30%, 35% or even 40% in the shortest timeframe.


Buxify is a site admin with the Bux-Matrix, which is integrated dc experience over 2 years of admin activity Bux-Matrix and released Buxify.PTC sites make money by clicking the Ads, (usually $ 0.01 / click, and click when full payment is $ 2). This site when clicking Ads (1 day 10 Ads, $ 0.01 / ads), the money will be added to the Account Balance is like Buxify shares will be based on the amount in the Account Balance for dividends, interest will be divided into constant date and when interest on the $ 1 you can withdraw. - Pay as you upgrade and cash out amount to over $ 1 Dividends, paid time this page is 2-3 days via AlertPay.
Registration: Upon registration you will be plus $ 5 to Account Balance. There is a free membership level available, but there is no payout at that level. There are 9 additional levels starting with Iron and going to Trader. Minimum purchase to receive payout is $10. For joining as an Iron member (the $10 level) members will get 0,065 cents per click for 200 clicks. This will generate a payment of $13. In addition Iron members will receive 0,003 cents per click from their referrals.  The rest of the levels you can see in title BENEFITS.



BUXMATRIX is a new innovative, international advertising company and is FREE to join.  Bux-Matrix is an International advertising program; more specifically it's a "BUX" site powered by a 3x12 Forced Matrix. A "BUX" is a Paid to click program where advertisers purchase paid links and members are paid to click on those links.We use the POWER of a forced Matrix as referral system; When you open a free account, you can click on the "Browse Ads" page from your members area and watch the available advertising on that page. Each link is worth of money so that You will accumulate money on a daily basis. You may join and keep your membership free forever and earn a small amount of money by clicking links, but the advantages of upgrading your account are enormous. There is a single life-time membership fee of $12.00 to become a Gold Member. There are no other hidden fees. You need to acquire as many souls as you can because you are being paid for direct and indirect referrals. Gold Members earn $2.00 for each direct referral plus $1.50 (first level), then $0.50 (second level) and so on as shown on the right hand-side for indirect referrals. This means that you get your $12.00 back with only 4 Gold members referred and You do not only gain money for every person you refer, but you also get paid for the referrals referred by your referrals and then for their referrals and so on, 12 levels deep.


BuxP is a new innovative, international and FREE English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our, "Browse Ads” page.How does it work? You view websites in 5 or 30 second sessions via the "Browse Ads” page. Meanwhile, you need to click the correct color box in the frame of the page. Once the timer is done, you will get a "Credited” Sign. Make sure you only click one link at a time. Check out our video tutorial on how to successfully visit a website on BuxP. As soon as you register at BuxP you any Internet user is able to make money online by watching video ads. Every registered user can earn easy cash in several different ways, including visiting advertiser's Internet sites, watching video advertising at Meta Cafe or inviting new members. As a non upgraded member at, you can make 0.002-0.0125$ for every ad you view. The referral percentage sounds awesome too - everybody is able earn 50-100 percent of what your referrals earn at For more information read - "make money by viewing ads at". 

LinkGrand is one of the most reliable and reputable PTC sites today. It has been running for more than three years since 2006 and pays its members all the time. LinkGrand is also free to sign up, when you have become a member of it, you can begin to click to earn at once. The amount of ads you can click every day usually depends on how many advertisers put their ads on LinkGrand. On My Account page, you can see the ad links list below. On the left of every link, there is a circle which shows the ad status. Brown circle means the ad had already expired, black circle means you have clicked the ad, yellow circle means the ad is available but you have not logged in, and green circle means you have signed in and can click it to earn. Once you click the ad, there will be a countdown, when the time is over and it shows that you are credited, then you can go back to click the next ad. The reward to click ads on LinkGrand is somewhat low. You can get only $0.003 for clicking one ad, and 0.0009 for your referrals' each clicking. But this benefits those advisers, for they only need to pay $5 to get 1000 hits to an ad. And LinkGrand earns from the price difference. As LinkGrand has a stable and ongoing earning system, so it is obvious that it will be reliable for quite a long time.You can also make money here by referring advertisers, if your referral advertisers have done some purchases at LinkGrand, you will receive a 10% commission of their purchases. Most importantly, there is no limitation on how many people you can refer, so, to maximize your earnings at LinkGrand, you just need to referral as many people as possible. The minimum payout is also somewhat high which is $5 at LinkGrand. Once you request your payment, LinkGrand will sent it to you by PayPal in 24 hours. This is amazing, as except Neobux and Palmbux, there are almost no another site which can pay its members so quickly. But if you are going to work with LinkGrand, you also have to obey their rules, or your account will be canceled and lose all of your earnings. So, before sign up, read the Membership Agreement carefully. Then, I believe you are bound to have a great time while earning Money at LinkGrand.


Ok have you heard about Clixsense ? The only website that have been paying for clicks since 2007. It means till date it has a lot of members and clickers. Clixsense is among one of the best source for Traffic to Advertisers as well as Source of Money to the Clickers who like to Earn. If you work hard and check back every day for new ads it will make you some extra $$. It's fun and easy to do, I don't even look at the ads half the time.It's a paid to click site most ads will pay you $0,01 to $1 they say they will pay you $0,01 to $5 I haven't seen a $5 ad yet, but they have something called a click grind and you can win $ 5 on that. They also have a free affiliate program free members will get $2 if their direct referral upgrades to a Premium account. You will also receive 10% of your referrals' ad purchases. Upgraded member are paid 0.01 for each referral. When someone upgrades you get $2 you also get paid a % of the ads they click on. When someone they refer upgrades you get $1. To upgrade it's only $10, if you work hard you will make that back in no time.Free members get about 100 ads at first. 400 - for the upgrade. There are new ads every day. Free members get 20 clicks on the click grid and upgraded get 50. They have free banners you can use to help refer people to your site, the click grid game and lots of other tools. You can follow them on facebook and twitter.


20dollars2surf is a French site that pays a percentage of its profits to its users.  On this page you get redeem points for cash at the end of the month, only to see little advertising banner that you download, you leave it in a corner and advertising load alone, not upset and you're making money without doing nothing. Every 1000 points is about $ 0.10.  1) When you sign on the page you download the toolbar, install it and put it anywhere and start making money, watch out when the bar see surfer bonus, if you click you can earn more points and even a surferpass.  2) also have the option of earning points by clicks as PTC, Cash Bonus and you will click on ads, you see them for a time and credited the appropriate points. 3) Playing. You can play 2 games free and earn more points and surferpass. 4) This is the latest way to get points for free, and it is through referrals, are those users who register through your link or banner (in the menu on the page, section referred to have the banners and links to get them). How do you get points? very easy, they are registered and will give you 10% of the points they earn, and so on through 10 levels, that means that of that of your referral to give 10% and up to 10 times so forever the number of referrals is unlimited. In addition to show the banner on websites will get 1pts by whenever you see that banner over IP every 24h. If you see this banner:

Click!!! You can win between one and thousand of points!!! Register now and start to win!!!


CashNHits appears to be a very reputable website - they have a forum available where members can network, get information, and find out the latest news regarding the website. There is a lot of payment proof and all the amounts are within a reasonable range considering the amount of money spent on advertising. If you are looking for a legitimate get paid to website then you will want to check out CashNHits. With CashNHits members can earn money by clicking advertising or signing up for offers. The amount made for each action depends on the level of membership - there are eleven levels of membership ranging from free to Yearly Loaded. There is the Starter membership which costs $1.50 for one week and the Basic one-month upgrade for $1.20. Prices and packages vary from a couple of additional monthly packages, yearly packages, and a life-time package. The main benefit of being a Premium member is that the minimum payout level drops from sixty cents to twenty cents. Once the payout level has been reached a payout can be requested and is normally sent out to the members chosen payment processor within 72 shours. Referrals can be purchased for fifty cents each with a minimum of ten referrals purchased at a time. Free members will receive 10% of their referrals earnings while Premium members will receive 120% of their referrals earnings. Advertising with CashNHits is a cost effective way to generate traffic to a website. Each member can only click an advertisement once every 24 hours so advertisers can be assured of unique visitors. Each advertising campaign can be targeted geographically and there are many ways to advertise including pay to click, pay to read, and banners. Link ads are avaiilable at 2000 hits for only $2, guaranteed sign ups are 10 for $2.50, and 25,000 banner hits are available for $2.50. With so many options and such low prices using CashNHits is a great way to build traffic to your website, generate referrals on another gpt site, or get your product or service in front of interested eyes.


Here in the world of clicksia, you can earn an extra stream of income by completing simple tasks; We have advertisers that will pay you real cash money to simply view their websites, and other advertisers will pay you even more to join their various programs! Affiliate Benefits     * Paid to Click     * Paid to Sign Up     * Traffic Exchange     * PTP up to $0.20 CPM     * $1.00 Minimum Payout     * 10% Downline Earnings

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