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"What If I Could Show You The Legit System That Puts Over
$500 Per Day Into My Bank
Account, Working From The Comfort of My Home... Would You Be Interested?"

If you're looking for the real deal when it comes to making money from home, then this may be the most important message you will ever read online! What if there was a system that you could use in the comfort of your own home and make more money than you ever could in your job using just your computer and the internet? What if it only took a couple of hours per day and was available worldwide! Sounds too good to be true? It isn't! You can even start working in just a few minutes from now. I'll explain...

What is PTC and how does it work?


Paid to Click Sites or simply "PTCs" provide an easy way to earn some money online while sitting in front of your computer. In fact PTCs are the easiest way to Earn Money Online, without any skills required and No Investment, as all PTCs are free to join. Mostly all you need for joining is an internet connection and a PayPal/AlertPay account, where you can cash out your money.

Basically, PTCs act as an intermediary between advertisers and consumers - the advertiser pays for displaying Ads on the PTC website and a good part of this cash generated goes to the consumer when he views the advertisements. This is how PTC sites work.

How do I earn Money?
Earning money in PTCs is very simple. When you sign up to these PTC programs, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy; usually they will provide 4-10 ads per day for you to visit. You simply click on a link and view a website for 20-30 seconds to earn money. Regular price for one visited website is 0.001-0.02 cent. Not only this but also you make money from your referral clicks. Referrals are those who directly sign up using your referral link, or who you can rent for money on some PTC Sites. So depending on the number of referrals you can make a lot of money through PTCs, even 300-500$ per month by just spending few minutes daily. So there is NO real Limit of the income you can make with PTCs. It depends on how consistent you are in opening the sites daily & clicking all ads. It depends on how you do the marketing of this new business and how many active members join under you.
You are registered to 5 PTC sites, which each offer you 4 Ads to click daily. They pay you 0.01$ for each  Ad you view and 0.005$ for every Ad your referral views. Let's say you have 100 Referrals on each site, who click their 4 Ads every day too.
You would now earn: 5 PTCs x 4 Ads x 0.01 =  0.20$ daily from your clicks
5 PTCs x 100 Referrals X 4 Ads x 0.005$ = 10.00$ daily from your referrals clicks.
That makes ~300$ per month extra income.  Imagine you have even more Referrals.
If you have questions or want to say something to me write a comment or send me an Email:
So Next...:
Unlike Affiliate Marketing, setting up an account in PTC's is easy and free and that they pay commissions even if visitors never make any purchases. Payment from these sites is just a cakewalk, they directly transfer your earnings to Alertpay Banner Small or Paypal Banner Small - the two safest and secure Online Payment Processors which are both FREE to join and need only a valid email address to register. You can then use that money for all your on-line transactions through them and even withdraw to your bank account.

 Are All PTC's Legitimate?

ABSOLUTELY NOT and this is the reason behind creating this web-site. There are 100s of PTC's around the internet. Only a few of them are legitimate. I must admit that at the beginning of my career here I was scammed by more than 50 PTC's but now after  spending a long time here I know a lot about them. So I am sharing all my knowledge about them with you so that you don't have to go through the same stages as I did. I will not say that this is the only blog or web-site which will protect from PTC's but I will definitely say that to be informed about PTC's you must follow a PTC News Site or Blog, otherwise you will end up with a lot of scams. And if you are not tracking a PTC blog/web-site until now then you have one to follow now. I will assure you that you will always be updated with the latest news about PTC's including the latest scam PTC's and the newest PTC's up-and-coming.

You can see the scam PTC's list HERE

New To PTC's? Just follow the simple steps to start with PTC's.
  • Create an Email Account at Gmail or Yahoo (even if you already have one its recommended to create a new one, don't worry there is no risk of spam mails but it's always a good practice). Gmail is recommended over Yahoo as Yahoo may block some emails.
  • Create a free account at AlertPay and PayPal. These are the Online Payment Processors, the place where you will get your money from PTC's and other online money making programs. These are safe and secure and you can use the money in them for all e-businesses and shopping. You can also transfer money into your bank account. Creating an account in them only needs a valid email id, so use the above created email id for them. Use a good password for them and different for both. Please use your correct information in these and you can share your personal information with them but never provide your personal information to PTC's. Create the account in both as some PTC's pay through AlertPay while others pay by PayPal, but mostly AlertPay is used by PTC's as PayPal bans the PTC sites. On a personal note about AertPay: You should always try to paty with AlertPay because they will usually help you get your money back from the scam site where PayPal is not always as helpful.)
  • Register at the PTC Sites listed in various sections starting with the Trusted PTC Section (Neobux and ClixSense are the best ones to start with). I would recommend working with at least 25 PTC sites to get you started.  You can use the same username for PTC's but try to use different passwords for all PTC's.  You can use Roboform or other software for filling out forms and to remember passwords. Never use the same password that you use for AlertPay or PayPal
  • Log in and start clicking Ads and start referring others (it's the most important thing). You can get your referral link for each PTC in the site itself. It is usually of the type:
  • But it can be different depending on the script. You can also find the banners for each site with your referral link included. Every PTC has 4-10 Ads daily and has some minimum balance to reach to cash out.
  • Join PTC's only if you plan to be an active clicker and don't just click and stop but give good time for getting referrals too. This is the step which most people don't follow. They join 50 or 100+ PTC's and think they can make good money but even before they reach the payout the PTC goes scam or something. So join only 20-25 and try to get referrals for them. Basically, it depends on how many clicks you put in on the PTC sites and how many direct referrals you have, plus  if you have any rented referrals to be able to meet the cash out minimum. So you will need to work at referring too!!  Check my blog regularly for some very good ways to get direct referrals.
  • Unlike earning through blogging or other money making programs, with PTC you can start earning money from the date of joining (this is an ideal case). At the start you have to be patient and try to work smart (there is only one key of success in PTC's and that's getting referrals).
Join Today and Start Creating Income. GO to "BEST PTC SITE" page and START EARNING TODAY!



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