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OnBux - Moved to the Ongoing List
teraglowDate: Sunday, 2011-01-30, 15:25 | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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This site now has some controversy surrounding it and we have decided to move the site from the Legit List to the Ongoing Investigations List for the time being. Since the site appears to have turned into controversial one. Some still love it to death. Some are just disgusted by it. So this is a hard decision to make... The site does pay, but many investors are reporting they are being banned and the complaints have increased. We expected this would happen when it was announced that payments would be manually done and accounts would be checked. If the site has a HUGE cheating problem as they are claiming to have, then this can make the site unstable. Whether or not the people the are being banned are actually cheating. Because they are going to tell everyone that they have been banned without just cause. The site has let this go on for too long now, and now we have a lot of people reporting that they have been banned. We all know there is a huge number of cheaters in the industry and there are those who get greedy or try to beat the system. But we can not ignore the large number of complaints about wrongful suspensions. These complaints have increased more and more over the past few weeks. So for the time being the site will remain on the Ongoing Investigations List due to the recent controversy. If instant payments resume and the large number of complaints about being banned for cheating subside, then we will consider moving it to the Legit List again. Right now if you are thinking of investing, I would recommend that you would use caution and don't invest more than what you can afford to lose.
Forum » Welcom to my site » IMPORTANT » OnBux - Moved to the Ongoing List
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